How Eco-Friendly Coffee Makes a Difference

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee each day, which contributes to the coffee bean’s status as the second most globally traded product after petroleum. Now, a recent report from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid has found that regular coffee intake can actually prevent heart disease in women. Coffee is a much needed cash crop … Continue reading How Eco-Friendly Coffee Makes a Difference

Tips to “Green” Your Coffee Habit

Tips to “Green” Your Coffee Habit You may already consider yourself to be pretty environmentally conscious, and that is likely true, for the most part. There are many small details in our lives, however (or sometimes large ones), that can have much bigger detrimental effects on the earth than most people think about. One of … Continue reading Tips to “Green” Your Coffee Habit

10 Easy Ways to Go Green

Clean Green Make your own non-toxic, affordable cleaning supplies out everyday items such as vinegar and baking soda. Know Your CO Carbon Monoxide alarms should be installed near all sleeping areas, on each level of the house and 15-20 feet from the furnace. Paint Lead-Free Use only lead-free, non-toxic paint throughout your home, especially in … Continue reading 10 Easy Ways to Go Green