“Reaching for the Sky ” Scholarships

The “Reaching for the Sky” Scholarship Contest

The idea is to support the work of our Young Professionals around the 2030 agenda in Orange County by recognizing their job and impacting their thinking globally by acting locally. 

The scholarship will grant $500 dollars to a young professional who has demonstrated an impact in Orange County regarding one or more Sustainable Development Goals. We want to know what projects you are working on and we want to reward your efforts and initiatives. We want to bring you the opportunity to expose your work, connect with like-minded individuals across the region, state, and country to advocate about the importance of the 2030 agenda. This invaluable experience that will promote you not just personally but also professionally adding tangibles to your CV.

This scholarship is thanks to a generous donation made by the Kien Nam Group. The scholarship of reaching the sky is a metaphor to remind us about breaking the glass ceiling and reaching the sky. Its name is a tribute to Trinh N. Pham or “Sky” Pham who made this possible thanks to his donation.

Link: https://una-socal.org/orange-county/april-22-2020-reaching-for-the-sky-scholarship/


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