Blessing Bags for the Homeless

 Blessing Bags for the Homeless in Long Beach- Feb 20, 2016


Care Packages for the Homeless-California December 25, 2015


Thanksgiving 2015 – Bàn Tay Nhân Ái Compassionate Hands Foundation

San Diego Charity Trip -December 25, 2014

After distributing in LA, Orange County, I am heading toward to San Diego Downtown. I believed there will be a lot of people suffering!
After distributing in LA, Orange County, I am heading toward to San Diego Downtown. I believed there will be a lot of people suffering!

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12 :30 A.M , I am feeling cold, how’s about others who are suffering outside???



Christmas Charity Program-2013


Seasons greetings SRC! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! This holiday season, our team of SRC distributes toiletries to the homeless in places like Long Beach.

Forming stations to pack hygiene items in an orderly fashion.
Starting the packaging process 🙂

Firstly, we went shopping in the dollar stores where they have a supply of amenities (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, tissues, lotion, etc.). Together, we bought 200 items! Then the SRC team met up at Sky’s house to package all of the items in a neat fashion. Each member was stationed to a toiletry item. In their stations, members opened Ziploc bags, place the item in the bag, and pass it down to the next person until all seven items are packed. Then we inspect all packages to see if any amenity was missing/broken. With a team of eight people, we manage to get over 70 bags!

Huan Le Hoang, representative of the Texas Recycle Club branch, packed lotion into toiletry bags.



On the next day, the team went to volunteer at Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, preparing delicious foods like eggs, pancakes, fruit, and yogurt. Some of the breads would be donated from the Soup Kitchen and were given to the homeless after this event.

SRC member, Brenda Saucedo, cutting fruit to put in the yogurt.

Then we proceed to pack up the fresh breads in a few boxes to give to the needy.

The team inspected and packed up the fresh

breads to give to the homeless.

Eventually, SRC drove all the way to Long Beach to deliver hygiene, water, and food items to the needy. Students were hard at work  lugging the ton of goodies into the center of the park. People around the park gathered in a straight line to receive water, food, and toiletries. Many of the homeless left bright smiles and signs of gratitude by saying ‘Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,’ showing appreciation to the volunteers as they will have things to keep them warm for the holidays.

Sky Pham & Huan Le are getting water and hygiene items from the car to the needy
SRC giveaway items for the holidays

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🙂 Have a great holiday and New Year! 🙂


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